Future Shock
180 Studios

Blurring boundaries between the physical and virtual, 180 Studios and Fact present an exhibition by pioneering artists at the apex of sound and vision who are imagining the new world of space. Future Shock transforms 180 Studios's subterranean spaces through mesmerising and immersive digital technology - from generative and interactive algorithms, AI and 3D digital mapping, to spellbinding laser work, holographic projections and groundbreaking electronic music. Featuring a line up of visionary artists - Ryoichi Kurokawa, UVA, Caterina Barbieri, Lawrence Lek, Actual Objects, Gener8ion, Weirdcore, Gaika, Nonotak, Ben Kelly, Hamill Industries and object blue - who reimagine our near future with multiple new commissions, site-specific installations and vital sensory experiences that challenge our preconceptions and offer up new possibilities.